The Wings- “Sky”

The light blue Wings on the outside of the globe represent the dreams of the people that seek to grow and learn to create greatness

in their life by impacting others in a positive manner. These dreams represent the “Sky” in The SkyBoat. Signifying the lifting ability that our dreams hold, granting us the ability to reach heights above expectations. The Wings are attached to the Spine of the Globe.



The Globe- “Boat”



The Blue Globe represents the people of the world in one unifying symbol. This signifies “Boat” in The SkyBoat, showing that we are all in the same Boat together as a people of earth and if we work together, we can all help each other reach our dreams.





The Crown- “The”



The Crown on the front of the globe represents royalty in the pureness of the people of earth’s human right to chase their dreams and to have the tools to do so. This represents “The” in The SkyBoat, by signifying, SkyBoat, is The mindset that no matter what circumstances people go through in life, we all have a purpose and can achieve that through hard work, dedication, working in unity and overcoming. The Crown is placed around the Globe as one solid piece, holding the Globe together.