Georgia Tech look’s to keep rolling as UNC comes into town

Writer – Melanie Greenwood
The Yellow Jackets are on the right track with their recent ACC opening 35-17 win over Pittsburg, and after Tuesday’s press conference, GA Tech head coach Paul Johnson is wasting no time in preparing the Yellow Jackets to face off against one of its formidable opponents, the University of North Carolina.

The Tar Heels, present a different kind of challenge for the team.  After all, who can forget UNC’s Quinshad Davis 37-yard touchdown pass to QB Marquise Williams in 2015 or the Tar Heels final 48-20 win against the Jackets in 2016.  But let’s not hash-up old memories and instead focus on the here and now.  It’s possible that with UNC losing some of its best players in the 2016 NFL draft, that the Yellow Jackets may very well have an advantage over their opponent. With the ACC matchup to be played on the Jackets’ home turf, Bobby Dodd Stadium, it’s safe to say that another win could be right around the corner.  Can you taste it?

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though, especially when GA Tech Coach Paul Johnson was asked about his confidence in regard to the offensive line, and he replied, “Certainly, I think that our best players up front on offense are in those positions.  So that needs to be a strength for us.”

Now, is that leaking valuable information to your opponent?  Maybe or maybe not, but according to Johnson, what it boils down to is this, “every game in this league is a dogfight and if you think you’re going to win, you won’t.  I mean, if you go in lackadaisical and not ready to play, you’ll get hit right in the mouth.  I tell our guys all the time, nobody is going to be intimidated watching us get off the bus and as we walk into the stadium, they’re not going to look over and think, ‘Oh my god, we’ve got to play them?’ So, you better bring it and be ready to play and prepare.” That’s the way to tell them, Coach Johnson!  Morgan Freeman, Million Dollar Baby style.

Well, here’s hoping Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets current winning streak becomes a trend, and here’s hoping that the Jackets can become one of those teams, coach Paul Johnson spoke of, “that you can count on to win.”

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