Washington Natty Media Day – Notable Quotes

HOUSTON, TX – Media Day was all the buzz at Playoff Fan Central on Saturday morning at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Washington was up second as coach Kalen Deboer, quarterback Michael Penix Jr. and the rest of the Huskies fielded questions from the media.

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Here are some notable quotes from Saturday’s Washington Media Day.

Question: You coached Michael Penix for a year at Indiana. Why did you think when you got to Washington that he was the right guy to join you there? And when he got there, did you guys just pick up right where you left off?

Head Coach Kalen Deboer: “My familiarity with Michael made it really easy because I knew who he was as a person. I knew he was a guy that was very competitive. I knew he was someone who just really cared about his teammates. I knew he had been through a lot of challenges, unlike most other people, and he still was fighting. Just saw a lot of those things above and beyond the arm talent, the athletic ability, all those things that I got a chance to work with him for one year on. I knew he was a guy that could come in here and do exactly what he’s doing. And I don’t say that arrogantly; that’s all on Michael. That’s a human complement to just everything that he stands for and what his ability level is when it comes to processing defenses, getting the ball where it needs to be, and leading a football team. And I knew he had that part in him. It’s just really cool to see his growth and see him come so far and just take over this program. I think even just managing a fan base and working with them and embracing a fan base, probably the best way to say it. I’m just really proud of how he’s handled all of it, and his story is special. And it’s because he’s a special guy.”

Question: The send-off in Seattle yesterday looked pretty rowdy. What did you think of the fans showing up to send you off to Houston?

Quarterback Michael Penix Jr.: “Man, it was amazing. Our fans have been amazing all season. Super blessed to have a fan base like that. Like you said, it was raining out there, so for them to be out there in the rain, just being able to send us off, super exciting for what we’ve had going on all season. We’ve super blessed to have a fan base like that. I can do nothing but praise them and give them thanks for all the support that they’ve given us all throughout the year.”

Question: I wonder if you can think back to being a senior in high school, and all the changes that have taken place in college sports, and 4 years from now, what do you think college football is going to look like.

Edge Rusher Bralen Trice: “As a senior in high school, I was focused on high school football, first, obviously. I was thinking about college football, but I wasn’t thinking about it too much. But watching it was a spectacle for me, you know, it was better than watching the NFL, right? But I’d say four years from now, looking back at college football or looking at what it might be. I honestly couldn’t give you an answer; it’s going to change a lot this next year. And I mean the Pac-12 is going to be gone, and it’ll move to the 12-team whatever you call it. I think it’s going to be awesome to watch, actually, because it’s going to be a good change, but definitely be really different from the past, obviously.”

Question: From a coach’s perspective, preparing for almost a month for Texas and having all that time with your players and now just a normal game week to prepare for Michigan, is that easier as a coach to just coach the guys for a normal seven-day game week, or is it exciting? What are your thoughts on that?

Co-Defensive Coordinator William Inge: “It’s definitely exciting, but it just goes back to your normal game week of preparation. The only thing you have to deal with is just the travel is a little bit different, kind of when the game day is, dealing with some of these things that we’re doing right now. But in the end, it’s still going to come down to blocking and tackling on our end.”



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