“BIG DAY” From CFP Foundation Monday Set To Impact Thousands of Teachers Across The US

The extra yard for teachers program was founded in 2014 alongside the new CFP system. It’s motive and vision is to support teachers and put money directly into classrooms all across the United States.


The first ever CFP “Flash Funding” event took place at Dallas Independent school district & Arlington School District in 2015, totaling over $200,000 for teachers facing budget cuts.


In year two, University’s, Bowl Games, ESPN, & Conferences joined the program. Over the last 6 years, 38 million dollars have been donated to teachers in support of education. In total the CFP Foundation generated support for over 311,000 teachers, 7 million students, and 33,000 schools across the country.


In 2020, the CFP Foundation & it’s partners will support teachers more than ever before with the “BIG DAY” on Sept 14th. A national day of supporting and celebrating teachers, as a highlight of Extra Yards For Teachers Week.


This is the biggest single day event ever put on by the CFP Foundation. More than 150 partners across the United States will participate in this event, including sponsors, conferences, & universities. It is expected that the “BIG DAY” will raise over 4 million dollars in grants and resources for teachers across the nation.


The CFP Foundation created the “BIG DAY” back in April of this year, one month after the Covid-19 pandemic swept through the U.S. and the rest of the world. Now, with teachers having to work harder than ever, the CFP Foundation decided to help teachers even more this year.


“We are thrilled to have so many generous partners share our passion for supporting teachers,” said CFP Foundation Executive Director Britton Banowsky. “We are grateful for the work they do every day and excited to be able to focus our collective work on one big day. We need teachers more than ever right now. They represent the single-most important factor in a student’s success and their commitment to educating our kids during this challenging time is to be admired and commended.”


Written by Shane Cossey

Image Credit: CFP Foundation Communications.


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