Cricket Comes to the United States

Move over football and baseball, America may have a new “sweetheart” sport in town: its’ name is Cricket!

Having similarities to American baseball, and known as the second most popular sport worldwide, Cricket is officially headed to the USA. Major League Cricket (MLC) recently announced the approval of a 10- million-dollar renovation of AirHog stadium in Grand Prarie, TX. The 5,400-seat venue was the former home to minor league baseball team Texas Airhogs and will now serve as the premier hub for both Major League and Minor League Cricket in the US. Games are set to begin in the spring of 2022.

“As the first Major League Cricket stadium in the United States, Grand Prairie represents a seminal moment for the sport in America, and we are incredibly excited to partner with the City of Grand Prairie to bring Major League Cricket to Dallas,” says Sameer Mehta and Vijay Srinivasan, co-founders of American Cricket Enterprises and MLC.

Dallas is already a top major league sports destination with the Cowboys, Mavericks, Texas Rangers as well as the Dallas Stars. Cricket will round out this sports quintet. Grand Prarie, TX serves as a perfect location for an international Cricket hub, as it in the middle of the country and already has a thriving Cricket community. USA Cricket says there are more than 150,000 regular players across the country, with roughly 20 million fans and more than 4 million regular viewers of cricket.

“The successful development of a cricket-dedicated stadium has long been a priority for us, and it is a significant stride forward for the growth of cricket in America.” says Paraag Marathe, USA Cricket Chairman.  We also look forward to bringing international cricket events, and the crowds that go with them, to our new stadium, and to help introduce the sport to a broader audience.”

Major League Cricket will feature six teams in major cities across the United States. Research in other cities is currently being conducted and other potential Cricket stadiums are being reviewed. Players will come from all around the globe and will also include domestic cricketers who will be able to showcase their talents to a worldwide audience.

So, if you don’t know your cricket rules, you should start studying – because Cricket is here in America to stay!

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