Final Four Halftime Analysis: Purdue vs. NC State

As the teams head into the locker room, Purdue holds a 35-29 lead over NC State in a game marked by intense exchanges and strategic plays. Purdue started strong, winning the opening tip and quickly establishing a presence on the scoreboard with Trey Kaufman-Renn capitalizing on a rebound for the first points of the game.

The Boilermakers leveraged their size advantage early with “Big Maple” Zach Edey, who tallied 14 points along with 8 rebounds, demonstrating why he’s a pivotal player for Purdue. His efforts around the basket have been complemented by sharpshooting from the perimeter, with Purdue converting 5 of 12 attempts from beyond the arc, translating to a strong 41.7% shooting from deep.

NC State, however, has kept the game within reach, shooting slightly better from the field at 44.8%. DJ Horne has been a standout for the Wolfpack, scoring 13 points on efficient shooting. The Wolfpack’s resilience was on display as they narrowed a 12-point deficit down to just six, propelled by a critical 9-2 run highlighted by Breon Pass’s pull-up jumper.

The game has seen its share of turnovers and missed opportunities on both sides, adding to the tension and competitive nature of the matchup. As both teams regroup and strategize for the second half, Purdue will look to maintain its lead and control of the game, while NC State aims to continue their comeback push and capitalize on their moments of momentum.

The second half promises to be an exciting continuation as both teams vie for the upper hand in this closely contested battle. Purdue’s ability to manage NC State’s offensive bursts and maintain their own scoring efficiency from the three-point line will be key factors as the game progresses.

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