Football Community Lends a Hand to Houston

Written by Brett Korpi

(Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Zachary West)

On the football field when you see a teammate knocked down you extend your hand and help them get back up. With the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey to the city of Houston and throughout southeastern Texas, that trait has extended beyond the gridiron.

The destruction left behind by the storm and its almost 50 inches of rain forced the evacuation of close to 2 million people from the region, and has left over 32,000 people in shelters. Rescue teams are still working to find residents trapped due to the severe flooding.

When the University of Houston and Rice University football teams needed shelter and facilities to practice fellow Texans were there to take them in, and put their rivalries to the side.

The Cougars spent seven days in Austin at the University of Texas, returning home on Thursday. Before they headed back they held a collection in Austin. The drive was such a success they needed to be helped to get all the proceeds back to their community. That is where several more in-state programs stepped up to help.

Texas, Texas State, Texas Tech, Baylor, UTSA, and SMU all volunteered their equipment trucks to get the vital supplies to Houston.

The Owls were making the trip back home from their game in Sydney, Australia they were diverted to TCU in Fort Worth, they plan to head back to Houston Friday afternoon.

Help hasn’t come from just in-state, across the country schools have shown their support. C-USA and AAC, the conferences that Rice and UH are respectively apart of, have set up initiatives at all of their member schools to help out those affected by Harvey.

Many other schools across the country have set up fundraisers for the cause. Teams have also dawned decals on their helmets in support. UCLA, Ohio State, Indiana, Mississippi State, and many others will dawn an emblem representing Texas.

NFL players and owners have also chipped into help NFL teams and owners have pledged to donate millions of dollars. Houston Texans star J.J. Watt has raised over $14 million through his foundation. Texans owner Rob McNair has donated $1 million.

If you want to extend your hand to those in affected by Hurricane Harvey you can donate to the Houston Flood Relief Fund organized by J.J. Watt here:

The SkyBoat will be extending our hand as well. We will be sending clothes to Houston. If you would like to contribute please message us on Facebook or on Twitter @TheSkyBoat. Additionally, on of our staff members, Asia McMillian has started a fund that 100% of the proceeds and donations will go to victims of the Harvey devastation click here for more info.

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