Great Britain’s Steven Dodd Kayaking for Cancer

Written by Adrian Beecher

Special Olympian Steven Dodd, from Great Britain, is using his kayaking skills to help tackle cancer.

On April 2nd, Steven will be kayaking across the Plymouth Sound in an effort to raise awareness for the 366 Cancer Challenge.

This project was created by Sharon Raymond who describes the name of the project like this, “We have started a Leap Year of Fundraising – 366 days to make a difference.”

Though the overall goal of the project is to raise money for Cancer research, the project also include’s ways those that do not donate can call themselves.  Such as doing 36.6 minutes of pilots, or catching 366 waves!

Steven Dodd is a Special Olympian Gold medalist that lives in Plymouth and competed in the 2015 Special Olympic World Games! He is very passionate about helping others and raising awareness for causes. That is why he wanted to bring this cause to the attention of the people far and wide across the earth, not just across the pond.

By helping each other, we can all live more prosperous and fulfilling lives! Take time to look at the project and we wish Steven the best of luck on his journey April 2nd!

All proceeds raised go to Plymouth Hospital’s charity. Those funds then go to the local hospitals in Plymouth to  improve the experience of Cancer patients and families visiting Hospital and to purchase vital equipment & fund much-needed research.

You can see more information about the project by clicking here of the visual post below!

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