“Ice on Fire” Aims To Highlight Rapid Global Warming

As ice on Antarctica continues to melt away, sea levels steadily rising, and temperatures around the globe are hitting all-time records, Global Warming has never been a bigger issue than now.  “Ice on Fire” a documentary directed by Leila Connors and with the collaboration of Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the producer hat on this project as well as the narration.

The 88-minute feature length documentary tackles the issues of this downward spiral environmental crisis and how they’ve found solutions, like lowering carbon dioxide levels and converting it into renewable resources, could potentially save our planet from the destruction of humankind. This thriller documentary will be premiered at the Cannes film festival this year on May 22, 2019, and then aired on HBO as an original on June 11th.

This isn’t the first time Connors and Dicappiro have worked together on a global warming crisis documentary. In 2007 Connors directed another feature-length documentary “The 11th Hour” where Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up with her to find scientist around the world sharing their knowledge on this real-life threat, giving solutions to the problem.  

“Ice on Fire” was filmed in countries all over the world including Costa Rica, USA, Switzerland, Norway, and Croatia. Harun Mechmedinovic was brought on the project as a cinematographer who as an eye for beautiful landscape imagery working on projects as cinematographer including “BBC Earth Kaibab Elegy”.  Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way Productions produced this documentary and has produced other climate and environmental change films including “Before the Flood”. Other producers on the project “Ice on Fire” include George DiCaprio, Matthew Schmid, Nancy Abraham, and Jennifer Davisson.   

Be sure to stay tuned to see how “Ice on Fire” exploits the threat and dangers of global warming and with applying the right technology we can make an impact on the world-saving our earth from the destruction of global warming. The Premiere public premiere on HBO is set for 8:00-9:35 p.m. ET on June 11th.

Written by Craig Balog

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(Photo Credit: Tempelfyorden, Svalbard, Norwegian Territory.
photo: Courtesy of HBO)

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