Miami Looking to Stay Hot as They Travel to Toledo: Game Preview

Written by Darrell Wilkinson

After a 77-0 dismantling of the Savannah State Tigers last weekend the 21st ranked Miami Hurricanes look to continue that momentum as they go on the road to take on the Toledo Rockets.


The ‘Canes had a bounceback game against an overmatched opponent but it may have been just the confidence boost this team needed as it continues to find consistency particularly on offense. Starting quarterback Malik Rosier’s status as the starter remains a topic of conversation amongst fans and pundits as he’s struggled to find consistency even dating back to last season despite winning 10 games. Head Coach Mark Richt, however, is sticking by Rosier at least for the time being.


The bottom line is we’re going to play who we think gives us the best chance of winning.” Said Coach Richt during Tuesday’s presser. “That’s what we’re doing, bottom line. As long as he is that, he’ll start. If we think someone else gives us a better chance to win, we’ll start that guy.”


Saturday against Toledo I wouldn’t be surprised if N’Kosi Perry makes an appearance at some point for one reason or another but I don’t expect this game to get out of hand much like the Savannah State game. Toledo may not be one of the big dogs on the block but they’re no pushovers either and will be well rested as they have had the week off after a 66-3 dominating game of their own against VMI.


“It’ll be wild. We’ll get everything they’ve got. I’m sure they’ll have every single seat sold and they’ll be standing room only.” Said Richt when asked what he thought this game would be like. “Let’s face it – they played a game, had an open date, so the fans had time to get ready for two weeks. The coaches had time to get ready for two weeks, and the whole offseason. We really don’t know, for sure, what we’ll get. The only thing we do know is, historically, they don’t try to make up a whole bunch of stuff. They just line up and win. They just line up and execute. With that much time, we have to expect that they’re going to be doing a few things a little differently – and a few curveballs on both sides of the ball and the kicking game.”


What the game all comes down to is execution. Let’s face it, the ‘Canes are just a more talented group than what they’re going up against Saturday but if the Rockets are firing on all cylinders and not beating themselves then Miami has to execute and they’ve shown at times they can struggle. Even early on against Savannah State Travis Homer fumbles the ball on his second carry with the Tigers recovering and you wondered how the Hurricanes would respond. Toledo could very well make an early play that we would need to see a reaction from Miami to restore confidence.


Prediction: Miami 35 – Toledo 17


If there’s anything this Hurricanes team can rely on it’s the play of their defense. Even against LSU despite the long rushing touchdown I felt the Hurricanes defense hung in their and made stops but were put in terrible positions because of the special teams and offensive struggles. If one of those areas continues to struggle against Toledo I still see the ‘Canes defense swallowing up the Rockets for the majority of the game and Miami with the victory.


Tune in Saturday at noon eastern as #21 Miami takes on Toledo in the Glass Bowl. Game can be viewed live on ESPN2.


I would like to give a special shoutout to all those who are being or have been affected by Hurricane Florence as the storm travels through the Carolinas and up the East Coast please be safe.


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