Richard Sherman Talks About the “Stanford Way” at Super Bowl LIV

MIAMI, Fla. — Hate him or love him, 49ers Cornerback Richard Sherman brings an element to the game of football that must be talked about – whether it’s his explosive play on the field or his fiery comments off of it, Sherman does it his own way.

And his way is heavily influenced by the “Stanford Way,” something that was recently disputed on Twitter. One uber-pleasant Twitter-er decided to chime in say that Sherman isn’t a good representative of the Cardinal mentality, citing his brash nature and loudmouth as evidence. The online Stanford contingent quickly jumped to Sherman’s defense, because those of us who have watched, covered, known Sherman since his wide receiver days on the Farm know that the five-time Pro Bowl cornerback is the perfect example of the “Stanford Way.”

We caught up with Sherman at Super Bowl LIV media availability in Miami and asked him how he would define the “Stanford Way.”

“It’s just playing smart, disciplined football, hard-nosed – you know when Harbs was there it was called “blue-collar,” he literally made us wear blue collared shirts,” explained Sherman.

Sherman also weighed in on the current identity of the Cardinal football program – Stanford finished last season 4-8 for the first time since 2007, Harbaugh’s fires year on the Farm.

“They are a work in progress – it’s always tough when you get injured like that,” said Sherman.

Check out what else Sherman had to say about the “Stanford Way” and the future of the Cardinal’s program. 

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