Taste of the Championship Brings Fine Dining to Primetime

LOS ANGELES — Taste of the Championship is a premium dining experience and fundraising event on the eve of the College Football Playoff National Championship, offering attendees the opportunity to indulge in gourmet food and drink prepared by local chefs. All proceeds benefit Extra Yard for Teachers through the CFP Foundation. This prime dining experience includes dishes inspired by the various playoff teams (Taste of the Teams): Texas Christian University (TCU), University of Georgia, University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University.

The food option offered by TCU, located in Fort Worth, Texas, was chips and chicharrones (fried pork) with queso. The offering from the University of Georgia found in Athens, Georgia was a slice of Peach Pie. Next, from the University of Michigan, situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was a delicious Savory Hand Pie. The final college team food option was an Ohio State Buckeye, which is a candy that includes chocolate and smooth, creamy peanut butter.

The Taste of the Championship also featured local Los Angeles fare from a multitude of shops. The local, flavorful food options were brought in from Magnolia Bakery, Randy’s Donuts, Pink’s Hot Dogs, Trejo’s Tacos, California Chicken Cafe, Talisker, and Local LA. Magnolia Bakery provided a sweet and creamy Classic Banana Pudding. Randy’s Donuts bestowed a Butter Crumb Raised Donut. Pink’s Hot Dogs provided appetizing Beef & Vegan Hot Dogs with Classic Toppings. Trejo’s Tacos had a divine Beef Barbacoa Taco. California Chicken Cafe offered a heavenly Chicken Pasta Salad. Talisker had luscious Shucked Oysters. Local LA, presented by Chef David Lefevre, had a myriad of choices, including From the Garden, From the Vineyard, and lastly, From the Sea. A delectable Chilled Heirloom Carrot Soup Shooter could be found at Local LA’s, From the Garden. From The Vineyard, by Local LA, was a savory Everything Gougere. Rounding out Local LA’s choices was, From the Sea. From the Sea excitedly had two options; a delightful Hamachi Crudo and an exquisite Maine Lobster Roll. This exclusive experience also featured a few alcohol tastings. These alcohol tastings were presented by Kettle One, Roe & Coe, and Talisker. Kettle One offered a delightful Espresso Martini Tasting, while Roe & Coe offered an enticing Irish Whiskey Tasting and Talisker offered a sensational Scotch Tasting.

All the proceeds from The Taste of the Championship benefit Extra Yard for Teachers. Extra Yard for Teachers is a platform that helps elevate the profession of teaching, empowering and inspiring teachers through implementing programs in four key areas: recognition, resources, recruitment, and professional development. Extra Yard for Teachers annually hosts Taste of the Championship, as well as another fundraising event, the Extra Yard 5K, which raises awareness and funds for Extra Yard for Teachers. The College Football Playoff Foundation’s Extra Yard for Teachers also has several programs including, but not limited to, EYFT Give, Go Teach, Extra Yard for Teachers Week, and The Makeover Project. The goal of the CFP Foundation’s Platform, Extra Yard for Teachers, is to elevate the teaching profession by inspiring and empowering teachers to prepare our nation’s students for success. Extra Yard for Teachers has raised 57 million dollars and counting in support of education, has supported more than 450,000 teachers, has reached over 9.2 million students, and has benefited 50,000 schools through the help of these miraculous fundraisers and donors.

The Taste of the Championship is a fascinating event that always goes above and beyond in indulging its guests in a whirlwind of fascinating and enjoyable tastes throughout the night. As each year goes by, Taste of the Championship adapts to the new playoff teams and the event’s host city. With the ever-evolving menu, there is always something new to lure attendees into enjoying the captivating and satisfying samples, all while benefiting the amazing educators in the CFP’s Foundation Platform, Extra Yard for Teachers.

Written by Robert Henry

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