Fritz and Friends are joined by AP Steadham – Podcast

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Friend of the show and Radio Host for WHEP AM & FM, AP Steadham, jumps on the program to talk LSU vs Clemson and the underrated value of placekickers and the potential for a game-winner to fall in their hands (or at their feet). We also review the season for the […]

Ian Fitzsimmons Sits Down With “Fritz and Friends”

ESPN Radio Host and Clemson Field Analyst, Ian Fitzsimmons, joins host Paul Fritz of “Fritz and Friends” presented by The SkyBoat, on Audio Avenue to talk about the ‘fairy tale’ opportunity for Louisiana born players to take home a national title for LSU. We also break down the key factors for Monday night’s game and […]

SkyBoat Seers Week 12 NFL Picks Podcast

Welcome NFL fans!! It’s Week 12 of the NFL season and your most reliable Skyboat reporters are back again to fill you in on their predictions here on the Seers podcast! As always, I’m your host Paul Fritz and let’s see what lies ahead! We have our usual crew on for this episode in Brian […]

SkyBoat “Seers” Week 10 Picks With Commentary

BOULDER, Colo.- WELCOME FOOTBALL FANS!! Its week 10 of the NFL season and welcome to the SkyBoat Seers podcats! I’m your host Paul Fritz, and let’s jump right into it! Last week Robert Henry ran away with this one early and finished a solid 8-5 with his picks. Erik Slaby, Chris Tello, and Adrian Beecher […]

SkyBoat “Seers” NFL Picks Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of the NFL Season! I’m Paul Fritz, your host here on SkyBoat “Seers”! As we have reached the halfway point here in the NFL, the SkyBoat “Seers” have had enough time to evaluate the league as a whole. With that in mind, this week they looked into the future and have […]