SkyBoat Seers Week 12 NFL Picks Podcast

Welcome NFL fans!! It’s Week 12 of the NFL season and your most reliable Skyboat reporters are back again to fill you in on their predictions here on the Seers podcast! As always, I’m your host Paul Fritz and let’s see what lies ahead!

We have our usual crew on for this episode in Brian Pohl, Erik Slaby, Robert Henry, Adrian Beecher, and Chris Tello. We welcome back our favorite guest speaker Greg Atkins in this episode as we get into the situation surrounding Myles Garrett and we recap Thursday night’s controversial ending in a Houston Texans win over the Indianapolis Colts.

So let’s waste no more time and jump right in to find out who will be the most accurate “Seer” for this week!


Week 12Chris TelloBrian Pohl Erik SlabyRobert HenryAdrian BeecherGreg Atkins
Bucs vs FalconsFalconsFalconsFalconsFalconsBucsFalcons
Broncos vs BillsBillsBillsBillsBillsBroncosBills
Giants vs BearsGiantsBearsGiantsBearsGiantsBears
Steelers vs BengalsSteelersSteelersSteelersSteelersSteelersSteelers
Dolphins vs BrownsBrownsBrownsBrownsBrownsBrownsBrowns
Panthers vs SaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaints
Raiders vs JetsJetsRaidersRaidersRaidersRaidersRaiders
Seahawks vs EaglesSeahawksSeahawksSeahawksSeahawksEaglesSeahawks
Lions vs RedskinsLionsLionsLionsLionsLionsLions
Jags vs TitansTitansTitansTitansTitansTitansTitans
Cowboys vs PatsCowboysCowboysPatsPatsPatsPats
Packers vs 49ers49ersPackersPackers49ersPackersPackers
Ravens vs RamsRavensRavensRavensRavensRavensRavens

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