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IRVING, Texas – Bill Hancock, executive director of the College Football Playoff, today announced that Britton Banowsky has been named to lead the group’s philanthropic initiative, the CFP Foundation.

Banowsky, who has been commissioner of Conference USA for the past 13 years, will become executive director of the CFP Foundation this fall.  The Foundation, with its capstone project, Extra Yard for Teachers, honors, celebrates, inspires and empowers great teachers.

“We are delighted that Britton will be leading the CFP Foundation,” said Hancock, who, in addition to being CFP executive director, also is president of the Foundation.  “He has a great passion for community service and for the mission of our Foundation–public education.  Throughout his distinguished career, he has been known for his great intellect, heart and creativity.  He is the very best person to take this Foundation to an exciting new echelon.”

As executive director, Banowsky’s role will be to enhance the Foundation and build sustainability for years to come.

“I am thrilled to be able to devote my attention on building the CFP Foundation and supporting the great cause of improving public education and the lives of teachers, our greatest asset,” said Banowsky.  “Along with our many partners, we have a great opportunity to use the sport of college football to make a profound social impact, and my hope is we take full advantage of it.”

Since its founding in the spring of 2013, the CFP Foundation has been remarkably successful.  It funded more than 1,700 projects in 1,400 schools.  Through donations and licensing revenues, the CFP generated nearly $3 million for the Foundation, positively affecting students in all 50 states.  The CFP also introduced the college banner program, designed to inspire elementary students to plan for college. Under that initiative, CFP distributed 22,000 banners to 525 schools; they were enjoyed by 327,000 students in 20,700 classrooms.

“Launching a philanthropic endeavor requires tremendous vision and leadership,” said Bob Bowlsby, commissioner of the Big 12 Conference and chair of the CFP Foundation executive committee. “Britton played a significant role in the development of the CFP Foundation and was instrumental in spreading awareness in the Dallas community.  We look forward to that same enthusiasm in expanding national support for the Foundation.”

Banowsky, a licensed attorney, was general counsel for the Big 12 Conference for six years prior to his current role at Conference USA.  He was also commissioner of the Southland Conference for three years.

He has been intimately involved with many public service programs in Dallas.  He served on the Dallas Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty, is one of three officers of the new nonprofit to transform neighborhoods in Dallas, has been president of the Heart of Dallas and is current chair of the Dallas Metro Homeless Alliance.

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