Knights look to remain undefeated in Homecoming matchup against ECU

Written by Sara Strom

It’s that time of year again folks, HOMECOMING! This annual event is going to be out of this world, almost literally. Ranked No. 22 in the nation, the Knights will gravitate to the field in what is being called the “Space Game.” UCF will sport special edition uniforms inspirited by NASA and space travel. The helmets reflect constellations throughout the galaxy and the letters UCF show the texture and craters of the moon. Along with the celestial helmet, the jersey is embellished with a NASA type patch embroidered with the school’s motto, “reach for the stars” which is stitched above the heart. The space game theme and worldly uniform represent UCF’s support initiative for the space program at Cape Canaveral in the early 1960’s.

Check out the unveiling of the uniforms ready to “launch” for the much anticipated game from UCF…

When asked about the Knight’s and their weaknesses, Eastern Carolina Pirates head coach Scottie Montgomery stated, “they don’t have one I can find.”

The Pirates offense has struggled all season. UCF’s biggest growth this season is their defense. This makes for one of the biggest concerns for East Carolina’s coaching staff. “We have too many missed assignments, it’s the fundamentals we need to work on and we need to get personnel in to fix the problems they are having,” said Montgomery.

The Pirates offensive line has been working extremely hard but they performed terribly at home against Temple last week. We will see if ECU have solved their offensive problems and attempt to put up a fight against the Knights.

“We have to earn what we get around here, and we’ve earned it through hard work so far,” stated UCF head coach Scott Frost on the performance of UCF this season.

The most important player on UCF is their quarterback, McKenzie Milton. He has a 68.3% completion rate with 13 touchdowns this season and two interceptions.

UCF wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith and Milton have an incredible connection on the field. “You can see it with McKenzie he wants to get better he wants to be great,” said Smith speaking on Milton’s growth as a quarterback this season.

UCF faces off against ECU this Saturday, 7pm ET at Spectrum Stadium.

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