Rapids Break a 2-Game Losing Streak in 0-0 Draw with Houston Dynamo

Written By: Paul Fritz

Saturday’s matchup between the Colorado Rapids and the Houston Dynamo turned out a classic stalemate in that neither side could find any offensive rhythm. With each team attempting only 3 shots on goal, it was evident that the focus was on preventing goals rather than scoring them.

Houston currently sits higher up in the table than Colorado, which perhaps may be the only reason Houston held such a strong focus on defense. All year, the Dynamo have played with the standard 4-man backfield but changed to 5 in the back for tonight. On the Dynamo’s defensive scheme, Rapids Head Coach Anthony Hudson admitted the team’s tactics were a bit thrown off because of the unexpected defensive set-up.

The Rapids ended the game with 55% possession which points to the Dynamo’s reluctance to push players forward and potentially put Colorado out of position on a counter attack. Unfortunately for the Rapids, Houston’s defensive strategy completely prevented any sort of open movement or passing in front of goal. Just 10 minutes into the 2nd half, it was apparent that the Rapids felt the only way they can have a real chance at scoring is to cross.

Rapids midfielder Edgar Castillo could not relish tonight with his dribbling skills as he consistently ran into two defenders outside the box. Jack Price, another midfielder for the Rapids, was the only real source of inspirational play-making Saturday. Each game Price is proving why he is a true box to box midfielder that can dribble the ball as well as he can pass it. Collectively, their efforts did not prove enough as it seemed no one deserved to score tonight.

For Anthony Hudson and the Rapids, it was midfielder Danny Wilson who had the stand out performance for tonight. In reference to him and midfielder Johan Blomberg, Hudson said, “I thought they both did well, I thought Danny [Wilson] helped us keep in possession and control of the game, he did very well, even as the game wore on there were some moments where he was in some tight situations receiving the ball and under pressure, and he controlled the ball quite well. In the past, I would say maybe two-three-four weeks ago, they were the areas of the pitch where we would’ve probably turned the ball over, so I think he adds that, and Johan [Blomberg], the same. A lot of energy, he adds the same as he adds when he plays as an attacking midfielder, I thought his delivery was very good as well, in set pieces, it was a solid performance.”

The closest shot towards goal came from Houston’s forward Mauro Manotas late in the 87th minute, which was taken outside the box and just barely missed the bottom left pocket. In the end, it could have ended worse for the Rapids considering they snapped a two-game losing streak with tonight’s draw.

The Rapids will pick it up again on Saturday, July 21st as they head to Utah to take on a Real Salt Lake team that is sitting in the 4th seed of the Western Conference. The Houston Dynamo will play in the U.S. Open Cup Quarter-Final this Wednesday against Sporting KC.

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