Stenhouse Jr. Captures Stage 2 of Coke Zero Sugar 400 While Avoiding Self Sparked Caution’s

Written by Adrian Beecher

Daytona Beach, FL – Brad Keselowski won the battle off of pit road and would lead the field at the start of stage 2 in the Coe Zero 400 at Daytona. After a clean race to this point, on lap 47, the first caution of the day came out as Paul Menard got a bump from Jimmie Johnson on the backstretch. Menard took a ride in the dirt on the backstretch, which tore up his car.

Things would go back to green with only 28 laps left in the stage and Keselowski still leading the pack. Then Willam Byron would overtake the lead on the ensuing lap. Then as Keselowski was trying to get the lead back, Stenhouse Jr. got into the back of Keselowski and turned him into Kurt Busch, causing the “Big One” in turn 3. This wreck involved the following cars; 22, 3, 9, 4, 2, 12, 19, 95, 88, 11, 41, 32, 14, 10, 48, 43.

The field would get back to green with only 18 laps left in the stage. Shortly thereafter, carnage once again struck, again coming at the hands of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. who was running in 3rd at the time, clipped the 18 of Kyle Busch, who clipped William Byron who was leading and they both took a ride.

With 11 laps left to go in the stage, things got back underway with Stenhouse Jr. leading the way. Things would remain status quo until the end of the stage as Stenhouse Jr. captured the 2nd stage. Michael McDowell finished in 2nd.

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