Mike McGlinchey, The Beast of The East, Heads to 49ers in 1st Round

Written By Derrick Mack

In the first round, with the 9th overall pick the San Francisco 49ers selected Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey. At 6’8” and 315 pounds, McGlinchey is a mountain of a man. He has great hands and feet and is a beast on the field. He’s also a very smart player and provides huge protection upfront. McGlinchey will likely succeed All-Pro left tackle Joe Staley on the left side of the line but until then, he will likely start at right tackle.


In his sophomore year at Notre Dame, McGlinchey was put as a right tackle, where he struggled a bit. Then his junior and senior year he was moved to left tackle and his football career started to blossom. He’s great on his feet and is able to cut off rushers. He’s quick, athletic and has nice recoverability for his size. He also anchors very well against bull rushes.


In 2016-2017, he was a team captain at Notre Dame and his plans initially were to go in last year’s NFL Draft, but he decided to stay and get his college degree.


McGlinchey will be a cornerstone for the 49ers and the offense. With the major investment the 49ers have placed in quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, they needed to improve the protection around him as that offensive line gave up way too many hits and sacks last season. In the National Football League, a second or even half a second can be the difference between a successful play and an unsuccessful play.


A fun fact about McGlinchey is that he’s cousins with Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan. It could be a very interesting game for the family when the 49ers play the Atlanta Falcons. The teams will not face each other in 2018 though unless they meet in the playoffs.


With the drafting of McGlinchey, the 49ers have improved their offense, their offensive line and drafted an eventual franchise cornerstone. He should be able to start Day One and improve the team.

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