NASCAR Salutes with 600 miles of Remembrance

Written By: Kyle Newman

(Photo Credit: SaJorden Miller/ The SkyBoat)
(Charlotte, NC) For the third consecutive year, NASCAR’s Monster Energy Cup Cars will have 40 new names across the windshield for the Memorial Day race. Over the past three years, NASCAR has done a fantastic job honoring those who have served our country giving the United States the ability to go out and race on Saturdays and Sundays, and this year is no different. For the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday night each driver will have the name of a fallen veteran on the windshield of their car. These names include Captains, Staff Sergeants, 2nd Lieutenants, Private First Class, and much more.  Over the course of the weekend, NASCAR is expecting over 5,000 active military members and their families to be in attendance.

​The drivers and crew members in the garage area love giving back to the armed forces. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. said, “I think it’s great, I usually get to meet the families and thank them for their member’s service, but unfortunately this year I haven’t got the opportunity to yet.” Kyle Larson said, “They are the reason I get to race every weekend, so I’m all for it.” While the drivers may not know much about the fallen veterans, they do know that it is something truly special to the families to have the name of their family member featured on a Monster Energy Cup Car.

​Furthermore, the NASCAR XFINITY Series is taking the XFINITY banner across the windshield of those cars and making them red, white, blue for the weekend, as they will run the names across their windshield Independence Day Weekend in the Firecracker 250 in Daytona.

(Photo Credit: SaJorden Miller/ The SkyBoat)
​The Fans can also join in with the conversation on social media by using the #NASCARSalutes on Instagram and Twitter, and for those in attendance in Charlotte, there will be a special NASCAR Salutes Snapchat filter available. Fans will also have the opportunity to participate in “Rise to Honor” which allows fans to write the name of a service member close to their heart on a small poster, and “Rise to Honor” them during the pace laps of each event.

We thank the service men and women who have fought to defend our freedom.

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