Ryan Preece Wins Stage Two of Fitzgerald Glider Kits 300 at Bristol

Bristol, TN — Stage two got underway on lap 98 with Ryan Preece in the No. 19 out in the front of the pack. Then shortly after the drop of the green flag, the caution would come out as Allgaier in the No. 7 went to go down low in turn 3, but was clipped by the No. 19 of Brandon Jones. Then behind them, the No. 60 of Majeski go into the back of Hunter Nemechek in the No. 42. Also involved were the No. 8 of Tommy Joe Martins, and the No. 36 of Alex Labbe.

The field would get back to green flag racing with just 60 laps to go in the 2nd stage with Hemric out in front and Preece following suit in 2nd.

A big wreck in turn three would force the red flag to be shown on lap with just 27 laps left in the stage. Vinnie Miller in the No. 01, and Cody Ware in the No. 74 bout got into each other, with the No. 01 getting turned around backward. Then Christopher bell tries to check-up coming into the turn and lost control, sending his car sideways and into the No. 01 hard.  The red flag lasted a little over seven minutes.

With just 20 laps left in the stage, the green flag flew again with the no. 21 of Hemric out in front. Then before the field could complete a full lap, the caution flew again as the No.28 of Dylan Lupton had a malfunction and slammed into the outside wall in turn four.

The Green flag flew with just nine laps to go in stage two as Hemric led the field to the line. Ryan Preece though would take over the lead just a few laps after the green flag and led to the finish to take the stage two victory.


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