Sam Darnold Takes Next Step Of Career, Selected 3rd Overall to NY Jets

Written by Robrt Henry
With the 3rd pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected quarterback Sam Darnold. Darnold was one of the top prospects in the quarterback class coming into the 2018 NFL Draft. He comes out of the University of Southern California and has proven time and time again that he is one of the top prospects. Although he has had some issues with interceptions last year at USC, going to the Jets could make him an exceptional quarterback. Sitting behind a proven veteran in Josh McCown could help Darnold learn the pace of the NFL, while honing in his skills and working on the issues he had in college.

Darnold’s career in college may have had some turnover issues but he is still one of the better quarterbacks last year. His overall quarterback rating in college was 153.7. He had 549 completions on 846 attempts. The big number on his overall stats are his 57 touchdown passes. He also threw 22 interceptions. With him going to a reemerging Jets team, this gives both Darnold and the Jets something to look forward too in the near future. Darnold will definitely get a chance to shine while not having to be over worked, which happens to top quarterback prospects.

The Jets last season were 24th in points and passing yards and 28th in yards. Adding Darnold to the roster will definitely improve this ranking even if he is used sparingly on offense. McCown is a proven starter and has shown to be a willing teacher of young quarterbacks. He will be a great mentor to Darnold. McCown will be able to show Darnold how to operate a NFL offense efficiently, which will help Darnold’s career more but will help the team immensely going towards the future.

Darnold will bring an Aaron Rodgers type of play to the Jets offense. The way Darnold is able to break the pocket and make a play is what will help the Jets in the AFC East. Darnold does need to work on making the right pass in order to really become a threat in the NFL like he was in college at USC. Congratulations to Sam Darnold for being picked 3rd in the 2018 NFL Draft and congratulations to the New York Jets on their great pick!

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