Season Finale of Game Of Thrones Comes To Fitting End

As the finale of Game of Thrones starts you see a horrified Tyrion see what has become of Kings Landing and the Red Keep.  Knowing and also helping Jamie try to free Cersei from an impending doom, Tyrion heads straight to the dungeon where the heads of fallen dragons are placed only to find his […]

“Ice on Fire” Aims To Highlight Rapid Global Warming

As ice on Antarctica continues to melt away, sea levels steadily rising, and temperatures around the globe are hitting all-time records, Global Warming has never been a bigger issue than now.  “Ice on Fire” a documentary directed by Leila Connors and with the collaboration of Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the producer hat on this project as […]

Deadwood Movie Premiere on HBO Quickly Approaching

It’s been twelve years since the cancellation of Deadwood the critically acclaimed tv series, and we will finally get some closure coming May 31st. Deadwood was a period piece show that took place in the Wild West where, for the most part, a lawless township, is forced to join the rest of the growing United […]

EDC To Light Up Las Vegas Motor Speedway Friday Night To Kickoff Weekend

Electronic Daisy Carnival festival gets underway from Vegas on Friday and will run through Sunday, May 18th. It will be the 9th year in a row for EDC Las Vegas, a show so big, they have had to widen the highway near the host site, Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Over 150,000 people are expected to […]

Who will rule over Westeros after the annihilation of the Red Keep

Written by Robert Henry After the beheading of Missandei and her’s last words being “dracarys”, Daenerys knew what she needed to do in order to take the Kings Landing and the Red Keep.  Missandei and her people are considered pacifistic people so the fact that her last words were essentially to burn the city and […]